HomePod 2

HomePod 2 Key Features

  • Profound Sound
  • High-excursion woofer
  • five beamforming tweeters
  • An Intelligent Assistant
  • Stereo pairing capabilities
  • Multi-room Audio Support
  • Diaphram: 20mm
  • Colours: Triple Black and White

KSh57,000 KSh60,000


 HomePod 2 Price in Kenya

Upgrade your home audio with the HomePod 2, a cutting-edge smart speaker designed to deliver immersive sound and seamlessly integrate into your smart home ecosystem. With advanced features and sleek design, the HomePod 2 is set to redefine your listening experience.

Technical Specifications:

Audio QualityCrystal-clear, immersive sound with high-fidelity audio reproduction. Precision-engineered to fill any room with rich, well-balanced sound.
Smart AssistantIntegrated Siri for voice control, smart home management, and personalized assistance.
Connectivity– Seamless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for easy pairing with Apple devices.
– NFC for quick device connection.
Design– Modern, minimalist design that complements any home decor.
– Available in various color options to suit your style.
Smart Home Integration– Works seamlessly with Apple HomeKit for effortless control of smart home devices.
– Interacts with other HomePods for a synchronized audio experience.
Adaptive SoundUtilizes advanced sensors to analyze the acoustics of the room and optimize audio output accordingly.
Privacy Features– Physical microphone mute button for enhanced privacy.
– On-device processing for Siri commands, prioritizing user privacy.
Compatibility– Compatible with Apple Music, Spotify, and other popular streaming services.
– Integrates with Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
Setup and Updates– Effortless setup through the Apple Home app.
– Automatic software updates to ensure the latest features and security enhancements.
Power– Energy-efficient design.
– Low standby power consumption.
Dimensions and Weight– Compact dimensions: [Insert dimensions].
– Lightweight construction: [Insert weight].

Why Choose HomePod 2:

  1. Immersive Sound: Experience music, podcasts, and more in unparalleled clarity.
  2. Seamless Integration: Effortlessly control your smart home devices with Siri and HomeKit integration.
  3. Privacy First: Built with privacy features to ensure a secure user experience.
  4. Sleek Design: Aesthetically pleasing design that enhances any room’s ambiance.

Upgrade your home audio with HomePod 2 and immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled sound and smart home convenience. Elevate your living space with the ultimate smart speaker. Order your HomePod 2 today!


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