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What are the specifications of the Lightwave E2419 ST2 24” inch LED TV and price in Kenya?

The Lightwave E2419 ST2 is a 24 inch LED television that comes with very outstanding specifications and features. If you ask me, this is one of the best budget televisions in Kenya. The tv, not only has a good design, but attention has been paid to the quality of the display, audio and power consumption. See: Best cheap TV under 20k in Kenya.


Lightwave E2419 ST2 specifications Jumia

This television comes with a 24 inch display. Therefore, it is quite suitable for small and medium sized rooms. Something like 25m2. This translates to a room of about 5m by 5m.

First, lets start off with the picture and video quality of the television. With the Lightwave E2419 ST2, you get a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. This will enable you to enjoy one of the best pictures quality on televisions. Because it translates to more pixels per density, compared even 32 inch televisions with a similar resolution.

The television also has a high contrast ratio. Black and true black and white are pure whites. This is enhanced by the local diming and edge lit LED backlight.

Back of the Lightwave Jumia

When it comes to the ports, the Lightwave E2419 ST2 24” inch LED TV really does a good job. For HDMI, you get 2 ports. This can enable you have two HDMI media sources for the television. In addition to that, you get a single USB 2.0 Ports at the back. You will therefore, be able to play music and videos from a flash disk. The television also has VGA, AV-in and audio ports.

For audio quality, you get two dual speakers. Both are 5 watts. Therefore, audio quality will be clear and you get a dynamic sound from it.

Side view of lightwave television

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The price of the Lightwave E2419 ST2 in Kenya is KSh. 11,499. For the cost of purchase, the television is totally worth ordering. You get great features at a very fair price.

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